domingo, abril 15th, 2012

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Monday is almost here.

Early Monday morning, our new single BURN IT DOWN will be released. The LIVING THINGS album pre-sale will begin. You’ll see the album cover, the track listing, and hear about some new tour plans. My bandmates and I are very excited for this week.

Many of you know our story up until this point. We built the band upon the idea of fusing all our favorite styles of music–as different as they might be–into one, signature sound. Our first two albums were the result of a lot of hard work, perseverance, smarts, and luck, to build a toolbox that would provide us with what we needed to make the best songs we could at the time.

Success came at a pivotal time in an industry that was about to take a nosedive, and we were able to establish ourselves before things changed drastically. Hybrid Theory became…

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domingo, dezembro 4th, 2011


domingo, dezembro 4th, 2011

voa miau


domingo, dezembro 4th, 2011

just do it

corpo de bombei… OH WAIT !!

domingo, dezembro 4th, 2011


A sinceridade de Seu Madruga

sábado, novembro 12th, 2011

vc acidentalmente abre o internet explorer…

quarta-feira, novembro 9th, 2011

Entro em desespero quando isso acontece

Nós crescemos, mas nossas lembranças ficam…

quarta-feira, novembro 9th, 2011


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enquanto isso, no banheiro…

terça-feira, novembro 8th, 2011